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Spreading across the Gulf of Tigullio along the Ligurian coast of the Mediterranean Sea in northwestern Italy is the port city of Rapallo. A bustling and charming small town with picturesque views and historic landmarks. Rapallo is a popular touristic destination for its romantic seaside atmosphere, stunning views as well as lively harbour and nightlife. Visitors come to enjoy its ambiance, historic architectures and delicious seafood cuisine. Stoners will be desperately in need of a weed link-up in Rapallo to enjoy the laid-back aura of the town. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about marijuana in Rapallo.

Cannabis in Italy -The Legal View

The Italian cannabis law is a fair but technically complex one. Possesing cannabis in Italy is an illegal action whereas using cannabis is not. Sounds weird right? Visitors and travellers from abroad need to read on the laws before thinking about buying weed in Italy.


The Italian drug law classes cannabis as a less dangerous substance compared to the likes of heroin or cocaine. This means if an individual is in possession of a small amount of weed they are breaking the law but it often gets treated as a misdemeanour. The result is, you won’t be heading to jail but you risk losing your driving license for up to 3 months. Sometimes a formal warning to refrain from the use or possession of cannabis is issued to first time offenders.


It’s illegal to grow, sell or supply cannabis in Italy. When caught, perpetrators face punishment in the form of a prison sentence of up to six years. Sometimes this can be reduced to four years if it’s considered a minor offence. Sentences are passed by the legal system based on facts like the offender’s reason for growing and selling, method of sale and their character and conduct.


Medical cannabis has been legal in Italy since 2007. This came through after the Italian government recognised and acknowledge that the THC contents of cannabis offer strong therapeutic benefits to a variety of medical conditions. Since then its demand has soared and the Italian military who are the sole organization legally growing medical cannabis in Italy are running short of supply.


Due to the lenient laws, cannabis is widely available in Italy. There are shops that sell non-THC content weed ( CBD ) usually not for consumption but as a collectors item. However, if you are in search of THC cannabis extreme caution and discretion should be taken so you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law.

Where to find Weed Link-Up in Rapallo

Rapallo is a beautiful coastal town that offers something for everyone. It is possible for stoners to find a weed link-up in Rapallo if they know someone who knows someone like a hook-up plug. On the other hand, if you are feeling brave and lucky then you can try to get some cannabis in Rapallo from street dealers. They are not easy to find so you will have to explore around the bustlings parts of town and nightlife districts.


Based on our research and personal experience as well as information gathered from our local source on ground, we have listed the best locations below where you can possibly find a marijuana link-up in Rapallo or get your hands on a joint even from a fellow tourist. Dealers don’t have a fixed spot so you will have to walk around these locations while checking out the possibility of spotting one. If you are lucky, they might even approach you if they notice you look like a stoner.

  • Piazza Cavour – The main city square of Rapallo surrounded by streets, cafes and trendy bars. Good for relaxation and people watch or explore every corner on foot increasing the likelyhood of running into a dealer.
  • Piazza IV Novembre – A bustling piazza which hosts markets stalls selling souvenirs, antiques, food and clothes. Asking vendors in stores selling tobacco related items can point you to the right path.
  • Lungomare Vittorio Veneto – The seafront promenade lined with cafes and a great spot to relax and enjoy the views as well as people watch.
  • Spiaggia Minaglia – The region’s most beautiful beach with golden sands and sparkling waters. Surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants, it’s always brimming with tourists and locals alike.


Scarcely Available.


-> Extreme precaution against the police is very important before attempting to buy or smoke cannabis in Rapallo.

-> Avoid asking from total random strangers. If possible scan your environment for those who look like hikers, skiers and backpackers. They are likely to always have a weed connection. More chances of success if you ask amongst fellow travellers with big groups.

-> Don’t inquire from the elderly or old people. Find a group of young travellers, mingle and socialize with them. Bring up the topic casually and read the room how they respond. From there you should know which buttons to press.

-> Never smoke out in the public eye. Smoke indoors or within isolated areas.

-> Have a back-up e-payment method. Modern day dealers have been straying away from the old school link ups.


The weed in Rapallo is of average quality and price often varies with each dealer or plug. It is usually more expensive to visitors especially during the tourists season.

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