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Lefkada also known as the \’\’Carribean of Greece\’\’ is one of the most popular touristic destinations among the Ionian Islands. Exotic atmosphere, breathtaking natural landscapes, stunning beaches with mesmerizing turquoise waters, beautiful seafront and mountainous villages are some of the unique charms which entices visitors to the Island. Lefkada is also one of the few Islands connected to the Greek mainland by a narrow bridge making it possible to drive by car to the island. The laid-back aura of the island will definitely appeal to marijuana lovers who will be actively looking for a weed link-up in Lefkada so as to better enjoy and experience this exotic gem. Our article offers everything you need to know about cannabis in Lefkada.

Cannabis in Greece-The Legal View

The Greeks have one of the strictest cannabis laws in Europe. Medical marijuana is legal whereas its recreational counterpart remains illegal. Being a famous holiday destination, visitors should do well to get information on the cannabis laws before seeking to buy or smoke.


Individuals in possession of even small quantities of cannabis for personal use can face a prison sentence of at-least 5 months. First time offenders can have a compulsory rehabilitation program in substitute for jail term. This usually depends on the quantity of cannabis in possession. However, in-order to not carry a permanent criminal record, the offender should not repeat the offense within a period of five years.


The growing, sale and distribution of cannabis are highly illegal activities in Greece. Offenders face lengthy jail terms of up to eight years. For those in positions of public authority, the sentences can be even more severe like life prison sentences.


The use of cannabis, its derivatives or anything relating to it in public is illegal with offenders staring at likely punishments as with possession. The Greek police will not hesitate to arrest you immediately they spot you in public. Best advice is never carry or smoke weed in public areas in Greece.

Where to find Weed Link-Up in Lefkada

Being one of the few Islands linked directly to the mainland and offering the possiblity of a car ride has made it quiet possible to find a weed link-up in Lefkada. During the peak seasons, dealers come from the mainland to the Island looking to get clients. Though it is hard to find them selling in plain sights on the streets, you can always be certain to find one around the numeroes beaches on the Island especially those popular with watersports lovers. If you are unable to find one, inquiring for a hook-up dealer is your best shot.


Based on our research and personal experience as well as information gathered from our local source on ground, we have listed the best locations below where you can possibly find a marijuana link-up in Lefkada or get your hands on a joint even from a fellow tourist. There are no street dealers. You won’t find anyone hanging out at a fixed spot doing deals. So you might have to walk around the beaches, alleyways or swingby areas where the nightlife goes down at these locations.


Fairly Available.


-> Be alert to your environment and watch out for the police/customs when making any move to buy or asking for weed in Lefkada.

-> Avoid asking from total random strangers. If possible scan your environment for those who look like smokers, potheads or backpackers. They are likely to always have a weed connection. More chances of success if you ask amongst fellow travellers with big groups.

-> Don\’t inquire from the elderly or old people. Find a group of young travellers, mingle and socialize with them. Bring up the topic casually and read the room how they respond. From there you should know which buttons to press.
-> Do not smoke out in public. Smoke indoors or along secluded areas of beaches.
-> Have a back-up e-payment method. Modern day dealers have been straying away from the old school link ups.


The quality and price of cannabis in Lefkada varies with each dealer. In most cases it is usually more expensive to visitors than locals.

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